Colombia Unveils Crypton FI and BWS FI

October, 2016|INCOLMOTOS

Incolmotos Yamaha Revs the hearts of all Yamaha fans in Colombia. On October, two big surprises were unveiled for our market: Crypton FI and BWS FI.

Recently the Crypton FI and BWS FI came to Colombia to introduce its new technologies; technologies that are more fun for its riders while also being kinder to the environment. Fuel Injection which supports Euro 3 is now a must-have in the motorcycle industry, and Incolmotos Yamaha is one of the first companies in Colombia to bring this technology to its customers.

Throughout Colombia, our dealers and employees ? totaling more than 2,000 people ? have been learning about these technologies via digital and hands-on training courses.

Yamaha in Colombia has expressed the personality of these two new models in an exciting launch in which our customers learned about the technologies in person at events held around Colombia, and on-line.

At the most important event for motorcycles and cars ? "Salon del Automovil"- in Bogota, enthusiasts were able to see and learn about these great new bikes.
At the event, we created an exhibition full of color and attitude featuring the BWS FI. This drew great attention from the press, generating more than 30 free digital and print articles.

Catalina Gomez, Incolmotos Yamaha