AXIS-Z runs at 77 km per liter in a Taiwan contest!

September 24, 2016|YMT

Yamaha Motor Taiwan co-sponsored a fuel economy contest held on September 24 with UCRR, which organizes events with college motorcycle clubs. The aim of the event was to showcase the remarkable mileage of the Blue Core engine by letting people experience riding the AXIS-Z. The scooter was introduced in August and is the first model to have the Blue Core engine in Taiwan.

In the contest, teams of three members each competed to see which team could go the longest distance on an AXIS-Z with a full tank. Out of the twenty-five entries from colleges throughout Taiwan, fifteen were selected for the preliminary round based on the number of supporters acquired in an SNS vote. The preliminary was held in three areas in Taiwan, and the teams with the longest distance in each area competed in the final round.

While all three teams covered over 410 kilometers in the final, Fu Jen Catholic University marked a stunning record of 426 kilometers to claim victory. This means that their AXIS-Z ran 77.45 km per liter since its tank can hold 5.5 liters. Word of AXIS-Z's amazing fuel economy caused a sensation among university bike circles, students, and consumers.

Lin Chuyin, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)