YMT Receives Award from Taiwanese Government for the 4th Consecutive year

September 9, 2016|YMT

At a ceremony held on September 9, the Taiwanese Government presented awards to organizations which promote sports. Yamaha Motor Taiwan was given a Sport Promotion Award in recognition of the Yamaha Cup Youth Football Tournament and the Youth Football Workshop, both of which have been held every year since 2009. This is the fourth consecutive year YMT was awarded at this event. This year, YMT received the Silver Award, the highest award it has ever received. YMT President, Mr. Tsai Ing-wen, was present at the ceremony, which drew attention from and garnered wide coverage in the media.

The Yamaha Cup Youth Football Tournament is held to foster the development of balanced minds and bodies in Taiwanese youth. In collaboration with the Chinese Taipei Football Association, YMT is working to popularize the sport amongst elementary school students (U12). As a part of this effort, football workshops are held at elementary schools in remote areas around the country. Workshops have been held at 33 elementary schools cumulatively, counting 3,752 participants. Thanks to this effort, the number of teams participating in the preliminary tournament is rising each year. Approximately 4,000 children form 279 teams participated last year, making it one of the biggest football tournaments in Taiwan.

A kick-off meeting and press conference for the 8th Yamaha Cup Youth Football Tournament was held on October 5, commencing a series of activities which will last through January 2017.

YMT will continue to promote football in Taiwan, support the development of healthy minds and bodies of youngsters, and expand the value of the Yamaha brand through this effort.

Activities and results

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
The number of football workshops   6 6 6 6 6 6
participants   964 566 512 646 423 641
The number of teams participating in the preliminary tournament 32 32 48 104 130 171 279