Global FC Meeting 2016

September 14 to 16, 2016 | YMC

The Global FC Meeting 2016, sponsored by YMC Foreman Circle, was held on September 14 through 16.

Under the concept "Genba-oriented Workplace", the 5th annual meeting was held in the Main Plant, Hamakita Plant, Nakase Plant, and Fukuroi Minami Plant. Foremen and expatriates stationed at 13 overseas locations in 11 countries met with foremen from domestic affiliates. A total of 70 participants participated in plant tours, activities reporting, and group discussions.

The meeting gave the Global FC a great opportunity to communicate the mid-term direction of the company and a vision of what kind of supervisor a foreman strives to be. Participants were united toward the common goal of building strong genba.

Katsuo Hakamata, Production Planning Division