The 3rd GMSM has been held. Successful cases have been more widely applied, on a global scale!

September 12 to 15, 2016|YMC

We held the third “Global Marketing in Sales Meeting (GMSM),“ which is a global conference on sales and after-sales services, over four days from September 12 to 15, 2016. This time, the meeting was attended by 27 persons from 11 countries, including three countries (Philippines, Mexico and Russia) which sent staff to the meeting for the first time.

Successful cases have been globally disseminated and utilized at different bases

Successful cases presented in the first GMSM, which was held last year, have been used in various countries, and in this meeting we shared information on the results and progress of the use of such cases. In many examples of their use presented at the meeting, the bases did not just duplicate the activities of other bases, but customized them to local conditions in their countries to produce practical results, which reminded us of the effectiveness of sharing cases.

Sharing of new successful cases

In addition, 10 new successful cases, including two cases on after-sales services, were presented. On the final day of the meeting, after asking the participants about the cases they wanted to learn about in more detail, we divided them into small groups and held "Teach & Learn" sessions on successful cases, which were a key concept of the meeting. With the cooperation of MC Sales Division and CS Center, we were able to promote more specialized and practical discussions.

We have decided to hold the next meeting in the United States, and will expand global activities such as direct observation of activities in actual markets and sites. We will continuously increase the participating bases and participants to strengthen the global competitive power of Yamaha in sales and after-sales services.

Yoshinori Kageyama, Sales Planning Division, MC 2nd Business Unit