Gift Motorcycles from YMT Delivered on Taiwan’s Police Day

June 1 and 13, 2016 | YMT

To help maintain social order in the Taoyuan and Hsinchu areas where Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT) is located, the company donated 60 BW’s R motorcycles – 30 each – to the Taoyuan Police Department and Hsinchu County Police Bureau as part of the celebrations for the company’s 30th anniversary this year.

Presentation ceremonies were held April 8, 2016, at the commemoration venues (the Humble House Hotel and Chung Yuan Christian University Chung Cheng Hall), with replica keys given to the magistrate of Hsinchu County and the deputy magistrate of Taoyuan City. Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun noted, “We will put these vehicles we have received to good use in improving the safety of the region.”

These presentation ceremonies served as an opportunity to achieve a deeper awareness of contributing to society by employees. As part of Taiwan’s Police Day events, delivery ceremonies for the donated motorcycles took place on June 1 for the Taoyuan Police Department and on June 12 for the Hsinchu County Police Bureau, with coverage of this carried by several Internet news sites. Hopes are high that using sports-type bikes as patrol vehicles – something not attempted until now – will help enhance the image of the police and boost brand recognition for Yamaha models.

Huang Kueishiu, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)