Yamaha Motor Germany Donates MT-03 As First Prize at the Biker Charity Run in Germany

June 5, 2016 | YMG

On June 5, 2016, the Biker Charity Run was held for the fourth time at Cafe Hubraum in Solingen, Germany.

The organizers of the event were Harald Forster and Richard Zoellner of Kindertal Wuppertal. This association has the goal of promoting projects for children who are not on the sunny side of life.

Yamaha Motor Germany took action worthy of support in every respect, and Country Manager Jörg Breitenfeld spontaneously decided to donate a brand-new Yamaha MT-03 as the main prize of the lottery in 2016.

People who attended the famous Cafe Hubraum motorcycle meeting on June 5 were able to buy lottery tickets for 2 euro each, and one participant – Maik W. from Solingen – went home happy as the proud owner of a new Yamaha MT-03.

Nicole Papay, Yamaha Motor Deutschland GmbH. (YMG)