OMDO Technical Training Conducted

June 4, 2016 | YMC

Training in the YDT diagnostic tool for malfunctions and new-model courses for motorcycles and recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs), along with Yamaha Technology Academy (YTA) training for water vehicles (WVs), were conducted for OMDO regional distributors at the headquarters’ YTA Center.

In all, 24 mechanics from 17 countries in such locales as Africa, the Middle East, Central America, Oceania, the Caribbean, and South Asia took part, learning about maintenance skills, diagnostics, and new technology for Yamaha products while also exchanging views with mechanics from other countries.

Demand for the YDT 3.0 (motorcycle-use) and YDIS 2.2 (for outboard motors) diagnostic tools for malfunctions is growing OMDO regions as well, and these items are essential for providing customers with prompt, accurate servicing. What is more, a test-ride meet for water vehicles was held at a boat racing course, enabling participants to try out different types of water vehicles and deepening understanding of their training through hands-on contact with the new RiDE system and other actual marine equipment.

The trainees are sure to take the knowledge, skills, and ideas they acquired through this training back to the workshops in their own countries, and apply it to enhance satisfaction for Yamaha customers even further. We also hope that by enhancing their own careers through Yamaha, they will continue to apply themselves to their work with pride.

Takahiro Kondo, Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit