Yamaha Motor Group Small Group Movement Conference 2016

June 3, 2016 | YMC

Yamaha Motor Group Small Group Movement Conference 2016, an event for delegate teams from small group movements in Yamaha Friendship Association, associated companies, the Indonesia group, and manufacturing areas in Yamaha Motor Company that have achieved outstanding results, took place June 3, 2016, at Iwata Municipal Amuse Toyoda Yuya Hall. Over 300 participants gathered at the venue to listen with enthusiasm to success stories to take back for implementing at their own companies. The Indonesian delegates also put on a performance that brought everyone together as one, making for an event of tremendous energy.

After the success stories were shared, the Manufacturing Center's Chief General Manager Katsuhiko Yamaji presented awards, and Senior General Manager Tomoaki Oishi of the Body Manufacturing Section reviewed the endeavors made and expressed his expectations for the upcoming fiscal year.

Delegate Groups

  • Representing Yamaha Friendship Association: Yaramai, Hamamatsu Gasket
  • Representing associated companies: Tradition, No. 12 Production Department, YMPC
  • Representing IPC: Mild Seven, Production Department, Motorcycle Assembly Plant
  • Representing PM Circles: Production Department, Nakase Manufacturing Division
  • Representing Safety and Health: Team 4, Chassis and Tank Manufacturing Division
  • Representing Indonesia: Completion Inspection Worksite, WJ Plant, YIMM

Keizo Nagashima, Human Resources Development Division