Joint Workshop on Shared Values by YIMM, YMA, and YMNZ

June 1 to 4, 2016 | YIMM, YMA, and YMNZ

Over the four days of June 1 to 4, 2016, a total of 14 3S-related managers from YIMM, YMA, and YMNZ gathered at the Brisbane Office of Yamaha Motor Australia Pty. Ltd. to take part in a three-party workshop on shared values.

This workshop aimed at 3S managers throughout the world is a global program for deepening understanding of "The Global Yamaha Way in Marketing in Sales," which embodies the shared values in marketing in sales, and for giving thought to measures for instilling these values in all countries and organizational areas.

YMA Managing Director Steven Cotterell also took part as an observer during the event, which included case studies for learning about the importance of shared values, as well as group discussions for connecting the attendees' own business experiences to the Yamaha Way. The participants themselves shared plans for instilling the Yamaha Way in their respective work units, and sessions for learning about each other's good ideas together were also held.

The majority of participants voiced positive views, with individuals noting that the workshop "was extremely worthwhile for understanding the Yamaha Way and putting it into practice, and for considering how to instill it in my own team," and "before participating, I was concerned whether we would be to communicate well because we're from countries with very different business styles, but I realized that as Yamaha employees we all share the same thinking and values, and we were able to slip easily into discussions; it was tremendously stimulating."

Plans call for holding this workshop at locations around the world to help entrench the Yamaha Way.

Yoshinori Kageyama, Motorcycle Business Operations, 2nd Business Unit