Yamaha Indonesia Frontlines Grand Prix 2016

June, 2016 | YIMM

To improve service and achieve customer satisfaction in Indonesia, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (PT YIMM) held the Yamaha Frontlines Grand Prix (FLGP) national competition with the theme of “Win Customer Hearts and Share CS Culture.”

The competitors were the 31 best frontline “Sales Agent,” “Sales Counter,” “Service Counter,” and “Spare-part Counter” teams from 31 areas scattered throughout Indonesia. What is special this year is that all winners joining the final competition in Jakarta are young.

Before entering the Grand Final in Jakarta, the participants from all over Indonesia underwent rigorous selection before being chosen to represent their areas. In this year's event, PT YIMM also organized a Shop Manager (Branch Head Dealer) competition, whose participants were the best Yamaha Shop Manager representatives from all of Indonesia. The Yamaha Frontlines Grand Prix this year was packed with a variety categories, such as Best Frontlines Team, Best Product Knowledge, Best Customer Service, and, most recently, Best Shop Manager. The participants were entertained with band performances by Komika, Arief Didu, and Ada. This year's Best Frontlines Team winner was from the city of Bandung, with the second place taken by the team from Palembang, and third by the Bali team.

Hyacintha Bonafacia, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)