YMUS Saves Several Million Gallons of Water with Landscaping Project

May, 2016 | YMUS

Yamaha Motor U.S. corporate headquarters in Cypress California recently completed an extensive landscape project that will result in the savings of millions of gallons of precious water during a time when the state of California is under a severe water shortage alert due to lack of sufficient rain.

Many areas of turf were removed and replaced with vegetation that demands less water yet is more aesthetically pleasing. The net effect is that the surrounding grounds of YMUS have been transformed into something much more water-efficient.

“Even though the state of California offered incentives to re-engineer our landscape to be more water-efficient, we just thought this was the most responsible approach to this problem,” said Bob Starr, Corporate Communications Manager for YMUS. “And the added benefit is that our corporate facility grounds look fresh and vibrant to our employees and guests!”

Bob Starr, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS)