YMT Test-ride Event for All Big Bike Models

May 22, 28, and 29, 2016 | YMT

Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT) held user test-ride events for four models – the TMAX, MT07, R3, and MT03 – on May 22 (Tainan), 28 (Taichung), and 29 (Hsinchu).

These events were an opportunity for riders to try out all four models from YMT in one place, helping to spur desire to own one as well as enhancing brand image.

Each event was by reservation only, and drew a total of 500 participants over all three days, with those taking part voicing high acclaim. Business talks with dealers also took place at each venue, with opportunities to close deals increased by being able to approach interested users directly, as well as stimulating the desire to purchase among non-owners riding a sports bike for the first time.

Hidetoshi Amabuki, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)