YMSS In-house Fellowship Event 2016

May 28, 2016 | YMSS

To deepen friendship and ties among employees and their family members, Yamaha Motor Support & Service (YMSS) held an in-house social mixer at Yamaha Stadium on May 28, 2016. Following on last year's, this marked the second such social event held at the stadium, which was made exclusively available for the festivities, and everything from planning to fashioning tools was done by hand.

On the day of the event, the 152 participants ranging in age from less than one to 68 broke up into ten teams and took part in quizzes, ball-tossing games, and other pastimes harkening back to childhood fun. Other activities included a "YMSS Derby" race by the company's five best runners, a tour of Yamaha Stadium, a soccer penalty-kick competition, and a futsal tournament, making for a full lineup of enjoyment for children and adults alike that helped energize communication inside the company in a big way. We want to thank everyone at Jubilo helping out!

Mitsutoshi Oshimo, Yamaha Motor Support & Service