YMSJ Kicks Off MiS Tasks for Achieving Knowledge-sharing

May 18, 2016 | YMSJ

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd. (YMSJ) held a kickoff event for MiS tasks May 18 at the company's main location. Taking part in the event were YMSJ President Toshikazu Ohama and the chief general managers for 3S and PAS, as well as sales office and sales department general managers from around Japan, for a total of 48 attendees.

MiS tasks are efforts being advanced globally since last year that are aimed at building up a knowledge management system for creating, collecting, sharing, and implementing knowledge from the front lines of sales and from instilling the Yamaha Way. This event marked YMSJ's kickoff for this endeavor.

On the day of the event, President Ohama made a firm declaration: "We will continue to take the expertise and sales that until now has been tacit knowledge and transform it into explicit knowledge. Similar attempts were made before, but they did not last long. This time we will see it through to the end. Ensuring that sharing knowledge leads to beneficial results, and to evaluations, is crucial. I want for all task members to give thought to how to do this."

Setting a target period of the coming full year, the company will press ahead with task activities aimed at building up systems that will become on-sight strengths, with a focus on YMSJ's young department general managers who will form the backbone of the next generation.

Yoshinori Kageyama, Motorcycle Business Operations, 2nd Business Unit