Keynote Address at the 73rd World Magnesium Conference

May 16, 2016 | YMC

The 73rd World Magnesium Conference organized by the International Magnesium Association was recently held in Rome, Italy, and as both a user and a manufacturer, Yamaha Motor Company was asked by the Japan Magnesium Association to deliver the keynote address for the Automotive Applications session.

YMC began adopting magnesium products in commercial vehicles in 1998, and to achieve light weight for large structural parts, in 2008 the company began in-house production of rear frames. Among metals in practical use, magnesium has the lightest specific gravity, and it has been adopted in articles that range from mobile products to some transportation-equipment components. Magnesium engine covers and frames are currently used in multiple models of large motorcycles, contributing to lighter vehicle weight.

The address mentioned examples of magnesium parts used in motorcycles, with Yamaha products now in mass products also on display. Wheels for large bikes that went into mass production last year were a particular point of interest, eliciting a large number of questions from attendees.

Takaharu Suzuki, Materials Division