Announcement of the Jog FS Sport Scooter

April 19, 2016 | YMT

Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT) announced the latest Jog FS sport scooter April 19, 2016. A new product in the compact sport-scooter category aimed at college students and other young people who are first-time bike riders, the Jog FS represents a new generation of sportiness with a sleek, compact body and a sharp design coupled with advanced features.

The media event for the announcement also made a departure from conventional style by adopting a TV variety-show format, featuring a dialog between popular young stars and the developers and a look at the sales points of the Jog FS from a youth perspective.

Simultaneous launch events also took place at five locations around Taiwan on April 24, communicating the appeal of the scooter to young people through a “vehicle from outer space” concept.

Lin Chuyin, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)