YMIS (India) Dealer Meeting

April 14, 2016 | YMIS

A dealer meeting was held April 14, 2016, in Delhi, with YMC President Hiroyuki Yanagi in attendance. Two new products were announced: in the 100cc to 125cc category, which accounts for 60% of domestic demand in India, the Saluto RX developed to expand sales, and in the scooter category now enjoying remarkable growth, the Cygnus Ray ZR, aimed at young males. These earned tremendous acclaim and a strong response from dealers at a test-ride event for the models.

The main target for both models is the youth segment, whose members are quick to pick up on new trends, and where Yamaha excels. The Saluto RX in particular is key in capturing users in provincial agricultural districts, where demand runs high. The dealers vowed to come together as one to create even more Yamaha fans.

Sales Division, YMIS