The Foreman Circle Presents Earthquake Relief Funds to the Yamaha Kumamoto Products Foreman Circle

April 28, 2016 | YMC

The Kumamoto earthquakes that struck on April 14 and 16, 2016, resulted in many precious lives lost and affected great numbers of people. Yamaha Kumamoto Products (YKP), member company of the Yamaha Motor Company Group, was also hit by the disaster, with many of the company's employees left facing serious struggles. On this occasion, the Foreman Circle, with which the YKP Foreman Circle (Kenji Chihara, president) enjoys close ties, conducted a campaign to collect contributions for YKP.

A visit was made to YKP on April 28, and 210,000 yen, the full amount of voluntary contributions from Foreman Circle members and their families, was given directly to Mr. Chihara of the YKP Foreman Circle by Ryuji Sotozono, president of the YMC Foreman Circle. Along with conveying his thanks, Mr. Chihara resolutely affirmed that "supervisors are coming together as one to use their leadership to restore the plant to operation, and we will make careful use of these contributions to sustain recovery efforts for the Kumamoto earthquakes."

The Foreman Circle also considers activities such as social-contribution efforts to be important, and will actively continue taking up activities such as these as well.

Katsuo Hakamata, Production Planning Division