Yamaha Motor MIRAI Launches Operations

April 1, 2016 | YMC

Yamaha Motor MIRAI Co., Ltd., founded in October 2015 to promote employment of persons with disabilities, held a ceremony April 1, 2016 in the Communication Plaza to commemorate the company’s launch of operations, an event that enjoyed attendance by numerous guests.

A representative of the staff vowed to “work hard on into the MIRAI (future) so that the cleanliness we achieve creates excitement, and become independent members of society.” These words of resolute determination were greeted with warm applause from the audience. The five staff members who joined the company this past February have finished training, and on April 1 began cleaning corridors, stairways, restrooms, and other areas of the head office’s main building.

The company will also start part packaging work in June, with plans in place to continue expanding operations.

A welcoming ceremony for 11 new employees was also held on April 1, bringing the total number of first-year hires 16. Each of the 11 new workers expressed determination to become working members of society, further raising awareness.

The company looks forward to your continued warm support and cooperation.

Takanobu Oyama, Yamaha Motor MIRAI Co., Ltd.