Comedians Performing As Brand Ambassadors at the Launch Event for the Zagoan Super Mio Z

April, 2016 | YIMM

Yamaha held a “Z Party” for the Zagoan Super Mio Z in the city of Cirebon, West Java. The Stand Up Comedy Indonesia trio Gilang Bhaskara, Ge Pamungkas, and Kemal Pahlavi, who are also the brand ambassadors for the new Mio Z automatic motorcycle, came to enliven the party for the public. The official national launch of the Mio Z took place at Grage Mall in Cirebon. The Z party opened with “Touring Heroism -- Hero Is Me” using the Mio Z and Mio M3 ridden by consumers and communities. The trio from Stand Up Comedy Indonesia spoke enthusiastically about the Mio Z and the Z spirit, took part in touring on the Mio Z, described the bike's excellence, and serves as judges for a Stand Up Comedy Competition as well as attending a series of opening-launch ceremonies for the Mio Z. Yamaha entertained visitors on into the night with a variety of interesting treats that included an LED dance, stand-up comedy contest, cosplay competition, K-pop and hiphop battle, test rides, and performances by two local bands, Second Civil and Bambu Rasta.

Hyacintha B Mbojo Ora, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)