2016 Shell Technology Forum Held at YMC

March 30, 2016 | YMC

Yamaha Motor Support & Service (YMSS), jointly with Showa Shell Sekiyu KK, hosted the first workshop on industrial lubricants at YMSS’s head office, in an event aimed at personnel in charge of facility maintenance and environmental facilities at YMC and other Group companies.

In the two-part workshop, the first part comprised classroom learning on the latest technologies and environmental measures, and participants learned about the big differences lubricants make in terms of stable running, lower frequency of replacement, and energy savings. The second part featured booth sessions that included a display of samples from a range of testing results and hydraulic fluid demonstrations.

Comments from participants regarding this program that allowed them to see, touch, and experience trends in industrial lubricants included these:

  • “This was my first workshop, and so I found it tremendously informative.”
  • “I’d like to discuss using and implementing these at my own workplace.”
  • “I look forward to a continued succession of workshops.”

Through initiatives like this one, YMSS is helping to enhance productivity and stable running for the YMC Group’s plant equipment.

Yasunori Tateishi, Yamaha Motor Support & Service Co., Ltd.