81st Shareholders’ Meeting Held

March 25, 2016 | YMC

The 81st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders took place March 25, 2016, at Yamaha's Communication Plaza (Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture).

A record number of 527 shareholders attended the meeting.

The agenda contained four items to be resolved: 1) appropriation of year-end dividends, 2) partial amendments to the articles of incorporation, 3) election of directors, and 4) election of a substitute audit and supervisory board member. All were passed. The meeting included reports on operations in 2015 and on operation plans and budgets for 2016, and an explanation of medium-term management plan, with ten shareholders voicing a range of questions and statements.

Many of the questions dealt with future business moves, including a request for information on the background behind return on equity (ROE) management and its benefits for shareholders, as well as queries on what measures are to be taken regarding the currently low share prices and what plans are in the works to follow up on last year's impressive release of a succession of new motorcycle products, evidencing high expectations for future business growth.

Takao Nakamura, Corporate Communication Div.