YMC Group Initiatives Showcased at the Xiamen Business Climate Briefing

March 17, 2016 | YMC

The first Xiamen Business Climate Briefing, aimed that promoting economic and trade interchange between the city of Xiamen and Japan, was held March 17, 2016, at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo with ten members of a Xiamen municipal government delegation visiting Japan.

Owing to the presence of Yamaha Motor Company's information-systems subsidiary Yamaha Motor Solutions Xiamen (YMSLX) in the city of Xiamen, at the request of the Xiamen municipal government, YMSL Group President Tetsuhiko Nagai spoke of cases involving YMC and the YMSL Group, and described the advantages of collaboration with the city of Xiamen.

YMSLX makes use of the geographical advantages of Xiamen, and conducts system development as well as operation and maintenance tasks for the YMC Group while maintaining links to Xiamen's policies to foster industry. At present, in addition to endeavors at sites inside China, the company's activities target 15 other countries, and expectations are high that the company will continue playing an ever-greater role as a technical development and research center for information technology.

In addition to YMC, five other Japanese companies that have established a presence in Xiamen, including ANA's Xiamen branch and Mitsubishi Corporation, provided an overview of Xiamen and gave presentations recounting their experiences and other matters.

Fusayo Fukushima, Process & IT Division