2nd Global Marketing in Sales Meeting

March 1, 2016 | YMC

The Global Marketing in Sales Meeting (GMSM) for sales took place over a three-day schedule that began on March 1, 2016. This marked the second GMSM, following on the first held last autumn, and the event drew 23 attendees from ten countries.

At this GMSM, participants discussed planning for taking success stories in different countries presented at the previous meeting and extending them into the participants’ own countries, and also conducted a global workshop to deepen understanding of “The Global Yamaha Way in Marketing in Sales,“ which was created to serve as shared values for marketing in sales.

Every session enjoyed lively discussion with every bit as much enthusiasm as at the first GMSM, engendering global teamwork that can rightfully be called "one team." To give a further boost to the marketing capabilities of the entire group, plans are in place to continue expanding the number of people taking part in these endeavors.

Yoshinori Kageyama, MC 2nd Business Unit, Business Planning Div.