CISTEC Certification Examinations Passed with Flying Colors: One Employee Certified As “STC Expert” and Five As “STC Legal Expert”

February 26, 2016 | YMC

Advanced-level “STC Expert” and “STC Legal Expert” examinations for certification of practical capabilities related to security export controls were held.

STC Expert: Certification of expert-level status with respect to related legislation, trade reviews, determination of pertinence, and the like, in addition to basic knowledge
National pass rate for the examination taken: 7.81% (15 persons passing)
STC Legal Expert: Expert-level examination with a legal specialization
National pass rate for the examination taken: 12.9% (44 persons passing)

In these challenging examinations, YMC fielded one person (from the UMS Business Development Section) who successfully acquired STC Expert certification and five (one each from the UMS Business Development Section, Marine Engine Business Unit, and IM Business Unit, and two from the Logistics & Security Trade Division) who acquired STC Legal Expert certification. These employees received their certificates and encouragement to aspire to even greater achievements from Hisashi Akiba of the Logistics & Security Trade Division at the Communication Plaza on April 26, 2016.

The number of successful examinees in areas of the company closely involved with the market has been rising in recent years, and increasingly they carry out operations while making themselves aware of risks in security export controls and consulting with others in the Group. In ways such as these, in-house awareness and knowledge throughout the company are growing.

We intend to continue encouraging taking examinations such as these as one method for sustaining our levels in security export controls as a global enterprise.

Yoshino Shikuma, Logistics & Security Trade Division