70th Anniversary Ceremony for Eduardono

February 9, 2016 | INCOLMOTOS

Eduardono, Colombia's exclusive distributor of special marine products, recently marked the 70th anniversary of the company's establishment, and hosted a two-day celebration event in the Colombian city of Medellin.

The first day included an address by Yamaha Motor's General Manager Kenji Oishi of the Service Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations, with others from Yamaha Motor also taking the stage for a presentation of commemorative gifts.

Taking place the next day was a dealer meeting bringing together 90 distributors, with an explanation of policies based on Eduardono's 3S measures. All in attendance pledged to sustain Yamaha's sure foothold and achieve growth while faithfully carrying out the basics of 3S and pursuing market-driven action.

As Colombia's outboard marine market experiences sluggish overall demand due to an economic downturn, Yamaha now maintains a 70% even while competing against a new presence from China in addition to existing market rivals, and hopes are high for reaching even greater heights.

Nagatani, No. 1 Sales Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations