Consortium Special Campaign - "Sou mais Yamaha"

January 31, 2016 | YMDB

A “Consortium” is the one of the main means of payment offered to low-income consumers to buy a motorcycle. Such commercial arrangements offer the possibility of buying in installments without interest.

The consortium works by forming groups of people interested in the product, and together they finance the motorcycle, with a prize draw taking place each month among participants to receive the product.

For the launch of Factor 150 the consortium plan named "Sou + Yamaha” was created, which in addition to attractive payment terms, also offers other advantages. In December this new Consortium was publicized with an ad campaign on free-to-air TV, and as a result, an 55% improvement in efficiency of consortium sales was achieved in the launching of the new Factor 150.

Ricardo Tedesco, Yamaha Motor do Brasil (YMDB)