The Communication Plaza receives its 2 millionth visitors

January 9, 2016 | YMC

In the 18th year since its opening, the Communication Plaza has reached a total of 2 million visitors. The Communication Plaza is a dynamic corporate museum that presents the past, present and future of the Yamaha Motor group, bringing together many types of Yamaha products along with displays of the very latest Yamaha technologies, activities and information. Reaching this milestone was celebrated by presenting the 2 millionth visitors with a special commemorative gift.

The auspicious 2 millionth visitor(s) were the Nemoto family from Yoshida Town in Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture, who commented that "This was our fourth trip to the Plaza. We were just visiting because our children are now at the age where they have become interested in vehicles, so we were very surprised to hear we were the 2 millionth visitors. We enjoy the special exhibitions at the Communication Plaza, but as our children are growing, we also hope that the number of interactive events and experiential aspects grows along with our children."
Message from Curator Ohsumi

"I would like to give my deepest thanks for the patronage of our many customers, who have allowed us to greet our 2 millionth visitors. We will continue to work hard to provide exciting exhibits, activities, and services that our customers will enjoy, and strive to create an even better communication space to help our customers to know and love Yamaha Motor even more.

Takayuki Hatazaki - Corporate Communication Division, YMC