Incolmotos Yamaha end the year by reinforcing their connections with the brand values!

December 4, 2015 | INCOLMOTOS

Our goals for the end of 2015 were to rev the hearts of all Incolmotos Yamaha employees and reinforce our shared brand philosophy and values through a once in a lifetime experience.

The experience was based on two stages; An indoor training session with our partners, and a symbolic act of environmental responsibility. Both allowed the employees to know the values, the brand, and how to incorporate the philosophy into their daily lives.

The symbolic act was intended to create an emotional experience to really send home what we learned during 2015 about the brand. 21 employees representing seven different values planted six varieties of tree at the HQ, and they will remain there to help remind us of the importance of the brand for years to come.

Catalina Gomez, Incolmotos Yamaha