Executive Message

2016APR 11

Establishing a "High Efficiency"
Business Structure
MC Business Operations, Chief General Manager,
Katsuaki Watanabe

April 11, 2016

2016 is the first year of the new medium-term plan. During the three years of the previous medium-term plan, from 2012 to 2015, we focused on "Shining with Excellent Engineering," and "Shining with Marketing," and we were able to introduce products that demonstrate personality, and the unique style of Yamaha. The five concepts that express the unique style of Yamaha are "GEN" "Play & Sure" "S・EX・Y" + "Ties." New activities began in each of these fields, and those three years were characterized by a repeated process of trial and error. The result of those activities was three consecutive years of increased income and increased profits. They also led to the customers recognizing Yamaha's strengths, as we captured the No. 1 share in numerous regions. This was the result of the activities of Yamaha staff at bases throughout the world, and all Yamaha staff in the Head Office Business Divisions and Function Divisions.

Nevertheless, looking back at past business, we still have not returned to the level of business at its highest point in the past. During the current medium-term business plan, we will strive for an even higher level of business, and aim for record numbers in the MC Business, with revenues of 1.3 trillion yen and operating profits of 74 billion yen. Rather than relying on scale, we will strive to achieve these goals through transformation to a highly efficient business structure. This includes elements such as proposals for high-quality new products and business plans; the introduction of competitive products; profit per unit according to targets; carefully thought out price settings; and marketing based on "Ties," thinking from the perspective of the customers and dealers. We will further refine, systemize, and standardize the activities that we have conducted over these past three years, and entrench them as the Yamaha Way. Let us all come together in thinking about and undertaking these activities in all fields. I encourage all Yamaha's staff throughout the world to take on the challenge of becoming a unique individual that continues to achieve dynamic milestones.


Personality: Typical "blood type B person"; extremely optimistic. Rather than "action before words," I believe in "making good on your words, even if you fail."
My motto is "Enjoy your work." You spend half of your waking life at your job.
If you don't enjoy it, then you're losing out. Take on new challenges all the time, and don't worry about failure.