Executive Message

2016APR 11

Let's make the Yamaha brand shine starting with after-sales service
CS Center, Chief General Manager, Masaru Ono

April 11, 2016

The CS Division will soon enter the third year since its establishment.

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Safety

With these words as our motto, this division was created to examine the front lines where the customers are, and expand the business itself. The Parts Division knows what cannot be done with parts alone, and the Service Division knows what cannot be done with service alone.

The goal of the CS division is to work closely with the Corporate Quality Assurance Division, which increases the quality of work itself, to roll out activities targeting these two divisions (Parts and Service), which truly have the customers as a starting point.

We want the customers to say they're glad they decided to ride and use Yamaha and that the next time they buy a motorcycle, they won't buy anything but a Yamaha. What should we do to achieve this goal?

"Time Commitment Service (TCS)" is gradually changing the customers' brand image, mainly in emerging countries. A parts supply environment that is overwhelmingly better than competitors is unquestionably proving to be useful to customers who need to use Yamaha products every day.

These after-sales service activities leave a powerful impression of Yamaha with the customers, through "doing things." If we can "do things" that exceed expectations, then the customers will become truly loyal customers. Conversely, if we disappoint them, they will never come back. Each individual customer, and each individual contact, is "playing for keeps."

The 7th Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix will be held this year. Let's place our perspective firmly with the customer, and make the Yamaha brand shine starting with follow-up service.



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