Executive Message

2016APR 11

Transformation from Engine
Supplier to System Supplier
Marine Business Operations, Chief General Manager,
Takaaki Kimura

April 11, 2016

In the previous medium-term plan, the Marine Business Division laid out a goal of 300 billion yen in revenues. We now expect to be able to achieve this goal well ahead of schedule. We are also moving ahead steadily in strengthening the business structure, having achieved an operating profit ratio of 20%.

Starting from the current business year, as part of efforts to establish a business model for further growth, we will build a "Strong Global No. 1 Marine Brand." To do this, we will strive to become a brand that professionals find persuasive, that is essential to upper and medium level customers, and that beginner level customers aspire to. We will further strengthen three main capabilities in building the brand: Comprehensive business capabilities, through a broad range of business fields and an extensive product lineup; Reliability, including absolute product reliability, system reliability through integrated control technologies, and the reliability of our business partners; and Network Capabilities, based on strong sales and service capabilities that cover global markets, and development, manufacturing, sales, and service capabilities with close ties to those markets.

In growth strategies for achieving those goals, we will aim for a transformation from an engine supplier to a system supplier, and provide a broad range of value through engine peripheral devices + boat body strategies.

In order to carry through on this transformation and get onto the growth track, we must take on the challenge of new business fields, and the staff of business divisions must take on work that they have never experienced in the past.

To do this, we will need to further strengthen the organizational capabilities that we have been refining up to now, and strengthen individual capabilities as well. Individuals must have a clear understanding of the organization's strategies, and we must clarify the issues that need to be tackled by each individual, based on an awareness that strengthening individuals ties into the strengthening of the organization as a whole.

As the Business Division staff goes through the process of boldly taking on the challenge of new operations, let us continue to promote the dual cycle of individual growth and organizational growth, and take on the challenge of growth in new business together.


Motivation for joining the company: Wanted to work with engines
Work that left a strong impression: 1991-1997; F1 Project Leader
Hobbies: Looking at and riding in old cars (participating in rally-style events)
Private goals: Never give up, and be young (both in mind and body) forever