Executive Message

2016APR 11

Aiming for the next stage of growth with outward-looking actions
Engine Unit, Chief General Manager, Nobuya Hideshima

April 11, 2016

Among the key words in the previous medium-term plan were "Looking Forward, Outward and Upward." Now, in the current medium-term plan, I would like you all to join me in looking once again at the term "looking outward" in particular.

The medium to long-term policy of the Engine Unit is "Building the Strength to continually create the best in the world." Keeping this policy in mind, we have identified the following items as key issues for the current fiscal year.

  1. Strengthen activities targeting cost and quality innovations, and speed up response to the market
  2. Move ahead steadily with next-generation engine development projects, and clarify the necessary technologies
  3. Begin MBD (Model Based Development) and 3-D development processes to achieve function design and development
  4. Promote global management of engine development staff and functions

I believe that approaches and actions which look outward are important to achieving these four key goals.

Specifically, we must go out into the market, and learn about the customers' expectations. We must visit our business partners, and learn about what is troubling them. And we must understand the competitive environment, and learn about what our competitors are doing. In this way, we will be able to see Yamaha Motor from the outside, and, by extension, we will be able to promote changes in the way we approach our work. The most important thing is to awaken an awareness of promoting these changes.

Starting from this year, we plan to further strengthen cost and quality innovation activities. We will not be able to resolve issues in these areas, however, without knowing about the conditions in the market and our customers' lifestyles and values. If we are to continue creating the world's best engines, which will be demanded in the future, it will be important to move forward efficiently while leveraging the knowledge of business partners and outside parties. To do this, we will need development processes and infrastructure platforms that make it easy to communicate with those outside parties.

I feel that looking outward is the wellspring of inner changes, and is essential to continued growth.

By placing ourselves in the front lines and coming in contact with real things and real situations, we come to understand what is truly needed. Let us all transcend the boundaries of conditions within the company, and take action that looks outward.

※MBD…Model Based Development


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