Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Making YAMAHA's monozukuri process into a value shared throughout the group
Manufacturing Center, Chief General Manager, Katsuhito Yamaji

March 10, 2016

The Manufacturing Center launched a new Demand Chain Innovation Division this year. Our aim is to generate cash through reducing inventory from manufacture to sale, and "manufacturing at a speed at which products can be sold" will be the key here. To achieve this we need to quickly adjust production based on production, sales, and inventory information, known as PSI. The new organization is made up of fresh sales, cross trade, and production control staff, and we will speed up information transmission and make waste-free production plan proposals by handling sales and manufacturing information en masse, and we will also build a system to incorporate accurate sales information into quick acquisition plans and aim to contribute to lean operations management.

In preparation for the next wave of reductions in costs, as a PFCD activity and global production layout that links to the creation of product development platforms, we are working towards introducing a global model into our ASEAN bases and to complementing production within the ASEAN region. The issue we will need to tackle as we continue to promote such activities is quality. The scope for sharing parts will increase following the creation of platforms, and destinations will expand outside the framework of emerging countries and developed countries following the creation of a global model, so we will work to diversify product uses and the demand for products. Amid this new environment, we need to raise reliability and the feel with regard to quality, and satisfy customers in the broader new destinations.

We need to raise the degree of maturity and clarify the conditions for non-defective products in the development and production preparation process, and to build strong sites that continue to maintain and manage conditions for non-defective products based on standard equipment at production sites. Furthermore, we will nurture the YAMAHA monozukuri process into a shared value throughout the group by deepening standard equipment through continuously tackling the challenge of more-advanced monozukuri and continuing to ensure global sharing and development of techniques acquired. Through such endeavors, we will maximize the effect of model strategies and global production-layout strategies.


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