Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Aggressively Promoting Growth StrategiesNew Business Development Center, Chief General Manager, Masahiro Takizawa

March 10, 2016

The purpose of launching the New Business Development Center this year is to aggressively promote growth strategies in the medium to long term. Our first role is to create process, resource, and organizational foundations in order to generate new businesses, and our second role is to prepare specific business strategies and plan proposals and, having conducted inspections, to launch new businesses. Without question, we are an organization that creates, generates, and nurtures new business while building infrastructure.

The NLV Business Development Section's mission is to develop new land mobility businesses, while the NV Business Development Section's mission is to search for and create new business in the three areas of "fulfilling lifestyles, personal mobility, and technology that is kind to people, the environment, and society." The main purpose of Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV), a subsidiary established last year, is to look for new technology and partners. YAMAHA is considering investing in start-up companies in Silicon Valley in the US, and is working on the development of new business models.

To date, as a company we have taken various approaches to the development of new businesses, and the newest business in existence today is PAS, which was commercialized 23 years ago in 1993. It is not easy to create and develop new businesses. Management decisions are made under numerous unknown and uncertain conditions such as how the target market will change, the search, investigation, and winnowing of ideas, and the definition and preparation of conditions that will enable survival as a business. In such situations, we need strategies that meet two types of targets: "producing 1 from 0" and "developing 1 into 100."

As the division responsible for developing new business at YAMAHA, with the aim of moving to the next growth stage, we will take on this challenge, bearing in mind the following three points.

  1. Tolerance for failure (high tolerance for failure, encourage challenges) → Take more calculated risks. Instead, establish goals that are second to none.
  2. Out of the box (encourage irrational ideas) → Throw out common sense to achieve high targets.
  3. Open innovation (openly cooperate and collaborate with other people and companies) → Know yourself by competing more against others.


My Favorite Things
  1. Soccer freak from before the sport took off in Japan
  2. Going to vaudeville, inspired by an uncle
    Favorite active comic storytellers: Kosanji, Hakushu, Shinpei
  3. Visiting museums fascinated by when lived in France

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