Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Offering Competitive Sales Financial Services
Financial Service Business Development Section, Senior General Manager, Naotaka Takeshita

March 10, 2016

The Financial Service Business Development Section, newly established in January 2015, manages financing business services as a manufacturer. Financing business is an effective way for customers to obtain purchase funds, and is an important service that has a major impact on sales. It goes without saying that there are many finance professionals, yet financing business services managed by manufacturers come with the major advantage of being able to provide services suited to their own products and sales network. By owning YAMAHA products we will offer new exciting experiences and fulfilling lives though the provision to customers of competitive financing business services. As a result we will contribute to the acquisition of profit and management of the group.

Last year we started financing business service businesses in the USA and Canada. Business has already expanded to Australia, Brazil, and Mexico, and the building of foundations has come a long way. The medium-term plan announced last December included an explanation to the public on expanding the scale of support for existing businesses, and we will promote and support existing businesses, expanding financial business in North America in particular while strengthening our operational foundations.

This is the first year of our medium-term plan, and we plan, to further develop sales finance aimed at customers in the USA and Canada. We will also deepen cooperation with Bussan Auto Finance (BAF), a financing business company jointly managed by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in Indonesia and India, and contribute to the expansion of core sales. On top of this we will expand initiatives such as insurance services and promote studies aimed at commercializing financing business in other markets as a foundation for the future. There is always the possibility that financing businesses will be possible following changes in circumstances in those countries that do not currently approve financing businesses due to legislation and the like, and so I want to conduct investigations, including examining the possibility of financing businesses in countries in which YAMAHA is expected to grow in the future, and to create the foundations for the expansion of core sales.


I jot down words and phrases I take a liking to and that leave an impression on me. I recently jotted down "Hey, fiend." a word of warning the author of a column in the January 26 Nihon Keizai Shimbun evening edition entitled "Treasure Chest of the Heart," learned from Yutaka Fukumoto, a former Hankyu Braves player. The words "ogoruna, ibaruna, aseruna, kusaruna, mayouna" (don't pay for others, don't brag, don't rush, stay good, don't be indecisive) are seemingly connected by the first sounds of each word, and I would like to do my best to abide by these words.

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