Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Decide on change, have a strong will to implement, be prepared for results
Human Resources & General Affairs Center, Chief General Manager, Junzo Saitoh

March 10, 2016

YAMAHA is a unique company that continues to achieve dynamic milestones. To this end, the Human Resources & General Affairs Center will tackle 1) the development of human resources who embody the YAMAHA brand, 2) the further promotion of globalization, and 3) the promotion of diversity, as new medium-term key issues that should globally raise individuals' strengths and the power of harmony.

Looking first at the development of human resources who embody the YAMAHA brand, in addition to our corporate philosophy and "Revs your Heart" brand slogan, the unique style of YAMAHA is defined by "GEN, play & sure, S-EX-Y, ties." YAMAHA 1) verbalizes the way in which these concepts are applied into each business and function, and 2) clearly states the type of person and human resource requirements that embody the brands that actualize these concepts. YAMAHA then 3) applies these concepts to its human resource evaluation systems and training programs. As a result, these concepts are closely linked to actual application in the workplace and to unique and competitive global human resource development.

Moving on to the further promotion of globalization, the previous medium-term plan included the training and use of local human resources and promoting the globalization of head office personnel, and we identified core positions according to uniform global criteria, and developed successor plans, global management training programs (GEP), and global recruitment. This March we are planning to appoint Eric de Seynes, the current COO at YMENV, and Dyonisius Beti, the current COO at YIMM, as our first foreign head office executive officers. Moreover, as part of a new program that chases three rabbits ? putting the right global personnel in the right place, training human resources, and the globalization and diversification of the head office ? we will invite Olivier Prevost, president of YMRE, to be deputy chief general manager of the Procurement Center, and Phongstorn, TYM corporate director, to be senior general manager of the Global Human Resource Development Section.

Business creativity should not be created by one single genius but through a reciprocal spontaneous connection between multiple people. We will further promote global human resources as management in order to be receptive to diversity and to cooperate, and as our key themes we will work on promoting senior human resources and the participation of women in the workforce.

All staff will take on the issues presented in the new medium-term plan, deciding on change, having a strong will to implement, and being prepared for the results.


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