Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Design Center in 2016
The goal is move from strange products to GEN products.
Design Center, Chief General Manager, Akihiro Nagaya

March 10, 2016

I recently told my subordinates and business partners that to create GEN, we need to start with the strange. It is very difficult to create GEN, and this is precisely why we cannot move ahead without breaking down stereotypes and purposely coming up with weird ideas and strange things. So while it is common sense to listen to customers' opinions in the monozukuri process, the process stops if ? having said "this is it!" ? the customer then comes back the next day and says they're bored with the idea or no longer need it. We need ideas to talk about to ask opinions, and pleasing YAMAHA customers all hangs on the messages and proposals we transmit. Saying we'll do anything is the same as doing nothing, and doing things that other companies can probably do is not the way we do things at YAMAHA. I believe that being yourself means considering how many of those things that anyone can do that are unnecessary you chose not to do. Doing everything and anything takes an enormous amount of time and effort. While it is hard to prioritize, this is what YAMAHA uniqueness really depends on.

Bearing this in mind, this year the Design Center will work hard to traverse corporations, businesses, and the world, and we will build a new design wing at the end of the year. The Design Center is extremely grateful for the support we receive from management. That the content and new work styles we will create from here is exactly what is wanted is something that we have taken to heart, and we will promote initiatives that make the YAMAHA brand sparkle and shine. However, the Design Center is unable to improve designs on our own. That's why we ask for your continued understanding and support!


Motto: Cheerfully, enjoyably, lively, for the world, for human race, and for myself, work as a creator until the age of 100!
Lifework (I purposely
avoided writing hobby):
playing instruments/music. This year I will continue to give live performances and make music with the goal of involving myself to the extent that it is not clear what my real job is!!
Digression: I recently bought a second bike, a FJR1300AS, to go with my WR. It's a really good bike!!

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