Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Technological development that produces products that have pursued the unique style of YAMAHA
Technology Center, Chief General Manager, Takaaki Kimura

March 10, 2016

1. New technology vision

We established a new technology vision to indicate the new technology development direction at the start of the new medium-term plan. (See chart 1.)

chart 1

The key message in the new technology vision is "technological development that produces products that have pursued the unique style of YAMAHA.

2. Jin-ki Kanno

The phrase "jin-ki kanno" was chosen as a technological development idea to substantiate the "unique style" mentioned in the new technology vision, and we made the direction in which technological development should move more specific.

The idea behind jin-ki kanno consists of four perceptions, centered on a "sense of unity with machines," as well as an "attractive presence," "self-realization and growth," and "security and convenience," which is a basic value that should be built into machines as the foundation that supports these factors.

These perceptions are summarized in the conceptual diagram below. (See chart 2.)

chart 2

3. Hu-MAX

In addition to past machine technology as a technology that produces "jin-ki kanno," we will create a new core technology that fuses "human technology" and "intelligent technology."
This is called "Hu-MAX Technology" (Human-Machine-eXtreme).

4. Initiatives this year

The Technology Center will tackle the following three key issues.
(1) Technological development that creates innovation
(2) Strengthening company-wide shared foundations and process innovation
(3) Strategies and human resources that continue to produce a unique style

5. Message to members of the Technology Center

Society is on the verge of dramatic change thanks to technology. In the world of mobility, our main business domain, previously unheard-of products and services are being created using automatic driving technology and intelligent technology for machines.

Please ensure you sense the excitement of being able to witness this period of change as an engineer.
Let's face this period as people responsible for this change rather than as onlookers.
Given this, by growing as engineers in not one by two leaps, let's create a unique style of YAMAHA products and new business that provides new value to society, and build a bigger and better "unique company.


Motivation for joining YAMAHA: wanted to work with engines
Work that left an impression: F1 project leader from 1991 to 1997
Hobbies: examining and driving old cars (occasionally participate in rallies)
Personal goal: to stay young forever, without giving up (mentally and physically)

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