Executive Message

2016MAR 10

Breaking away from Japanese centered viewpoints and ideas
Procurement Center, Chief General Manager, Masahiro Inoue

March 10, 2016

We have been pushing forward with monozukuri procurement at the Procurement Center since 2008. The year 2016, in which the new medium-term plan starts, is also the start of our third round of monozukuri procurement. In a true sense of the word, this will be the first year in which we build a unique style of YAMAHA global procurement network. Here I believe that switching viewpoints and ideas is most important.

In our activities to date we have built the foundations of a procurement network that will create competitiveness in cooperation with our global partners. Accelerating globalization is the essential next step to achieving full-scale cooperation and further cost reductions, and to strengthening competitiveness. To achieve this we must break away from Japan- and Japanese-centered viewpoints and ideas.

There are a wide variety of companies overseas, and many companies that want to engage in monozukuri with YAMAHA. Changing our way of thinking and our senses and working together is important in order for YAMAHA to work with overseas business partners in countries such as China and India. We will change monozukuri together with our overseas business partners in the same way that we worked together with our business partners in Japan. I want to spread such viewpoints and ways of thinking.

In February we appointed a deputy chief general manager from Italy, and increased our foreign staff within the Center. We will refine our strategies, accepting the ideas of global staff, including local national human resources, cultivate our sense of working together and feelings, and discuss and decide on our direction. I want to build such foundations and create a procurement culture.

Procurement is work that puts us in direct contact with our business partners. I want all members of the Procurement Center to engage in activities with business partners with an awareness that each and every member is a representative of YAMAHA. I want members of other centers to consult with us regarding issues that affect you and your requests. Let's all work together to improve our competitiveness and create products that meet the expectation that our customers will feel that "this is amazing!"


I had to break it off while posted overseas, but my love of bikes has returned since coming back to Japan. I enjoy touring on mountain roads on "BOLT," my beloved bike. I started playing the saxophone while at university and I sometimes take part in concerts. I still take lessons at YAMAHA music school. I play music from movies, and pop songs.

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