Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Yamaha Motor’s diverse range of products, offered by its consolidated subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates in 30 countries and regions, are sold in over 180 countries and regions around the world. The Company’s main subsidiaries and affiliates engaged in global operations are listed below.88Europe (Abbreviations) The NetherlandsYamaha Motor Europe N.V. (YMENV)GermanyYamaha Motor Deutschland GmbH (YMG)ItalyYamaha Motor Research & Development Europe S.r.l. (YMRE)Yamaha Motor Racing S.r.l. (YMR)Africa (Abbreviation) NigeriaCFAO Yamaha Motor Nigeria Ltd. (CYMNG)Asia (Abbreviations) IndonesiaPT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)PT. Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia(YPMI)PT. Yamaha Motor Nuansa Indonesia (YMNI)PT. Yamaha Motor Electronics Indonesia (YEID)PT. Yamaha Motor Mold Indonesia (YMMID)PT. Yamaha Motor R&D Indonesia (YMRID)PT. Sakura Java IndonesiaPT. Kyowa IndonesiaPT. Bussan Auto Finance (BAF Indonesia)The PhilippinesYamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH)LIYAM Property, Inc.Yamaha Robotics Philippines, Inc.ThailandThai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (TYM)Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (YPMT)TYMA Co., Ltd.Yamaha Motor Electronics Thailand Co., Ltd. (YETH)Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co., Ltd. (YMAC)Siam Yamaha Motor Robotics Co., Ltd.Yamaha Robotics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Yamaha Robotics Manufacturing Asia Co., Ltd.Apic Yamada Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.MalaysiaHL Yamaha Motor Research Centre Sdn. Bhd. (HLYR)Yamaha Robotics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM)VietnamYamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (YMVN)Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd. (YPMV)Yamaha Motor Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. (YEVN)Yamaha Robotics Engineering Asia Co., Ltd.IndiaYamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. (YMI)India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. (IYM)Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. (YMIS)Yamaha Motor Electronics India PVT. Ltd. (YEIN)Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd. (YMRI) FranceMBK IndustrieYAMAHA MOTOR FINANCE FRANCE SAS (YMFF)SpainMotor Center BCN S.A.TurkeyYamaha Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited SirketiYamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (YMSLI)MOTO BUSINESS SERVICE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITEDKYB Motorcycle Suspension India Pvt. Ltd. (KMSI)Bussan Auto Finance India Pvt. Ltd. (BAF India)PakistanYamaha Motor Pakistan (Private) Limited (YMPK)SingaporeYamaha Motor Asia Pte. Ltd. (YMAP)Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore Pte. Ltd. (YDS)Yamaha Robotics Asia Pte. Ltd.TaiwanYamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMT)Topmost Consulting Co., Ltd. (TCC)Yamaha Motor R&D Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMRT)Yamaha Motor Taiwan Trading Co., Ltd. (YMTT)Yamaha Motor Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YETW)Yamaha Robotics Taiwan Co., Ltd.ChinaYamaha Motor (China) Co., Ltd. (YMCN)Shanghai Yamaha Jianshe Motor Marketing Co., Ltd.(YMSM)Zhuzhou Yamaha Motor Shock-absorber Co., Ltd.(ZYS)Yamaha Motor R&D Shanghai Co., Ltd. (YMRS)Yamaha Motor Powered Products Jiangsu Co., Ltd.(YMPJ)Yamaha Motor Electronics Suzhou Co., Ltd. (YESZ)Yamaha Motor Solutions Co., Ltd. Xiamen (YMSLX)Yamaha Motor IM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (YIMS)Shinkawa (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Apic Yamada Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Shanghai Yamada Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Apic Yamada Co., Ltd. Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (CJYM)Zhuzhou Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (ZJYM)Jiangsu Linhai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (LYM)Sichuan Huachuan Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SHY)Tongling Sanjia Yamada Technology Co., Ltd. South KoreaYamaha Robotics Korea Co., Ltd.FinlandInhan Tehtaat Oy AbRussiaLLC Yamaha Motor CIS (YMCIS)Oceania (Abbreviations) AustraliaYamaha Motor Australia Pty Limited (YMA)Ficeda Pty LimitedYamaha Motor Finance Australia Pty Limited (YMFA)Australian Motorcycle and Marine Finance Pty Ltd.Yamaha Motor Insurance Australia Pty. Ltd.New ZealandYamaha Motor New Zealand Limited (YMNZ)Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited (YMFNZ)Yamaha Motor Insurance New Zealand LimitedMicronesiaTriFork Reinsurance CorporationGlobal Group Network (As of January 1, 2022)

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