Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

nosrep rep snoissime 2OCNew market area 1Utilization of Smaller Forms of MobilityMotorcyclesPASStrategic Business Fields: Growth Business InitiativesNew market area 2Vehicle sizeMarine productsCars We will be working to gradually grow new businesses in these areas through steadfast efforts going forward. The Robotics business, which has now become a third pillar of our operations, and the e-Bike business, which is now classi-fied as a growth business, both went years without turning a profit. Regardless, we remained committed to developing these businesses based on the strong belief that they would one day bring joy to our customers and clients, and it was Yamaha Motor’s growth businesses are composed of the Robotics business and the Smart Power Vehicle (SPV) busi-ness, which offers complete electrically power-assisted bicy-cles, e-Bike system kits, and electric wheelchairs. Our goal in these businesses is to generate a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 19% over the period from fiscal 2021 to fiscal 2024. Initiatives in the Robotics business include further building upon the technical, sales, and service systems that we have tailored to client needs and which have thus come to repre-sent a strength. In addition, we are investing in upping the production capacity of the Hamamatsu Robotics Office, which conducts the development, manufacture, and sale of surface mounters and industrial robots, with the aim of achieving an 80% increase in production floor area by fiscal 2024. Yamaha Motor has also been bolstering the facilities of this production site by expanding its development area and installing assessment and testing facilities. Other initia-tives will include the pursuit of growth by capitalizing on this commitment that helped us grow them into what they are today. This recognition will empower us to develop new businesses with a sense of conviction, realizing that these new pursuits will be imperative to achieving sustainability and to resolving societal issues. This conviction will propel us forward in creating value unique to Yamaha by capitalizing on the technologies and insight we have developed thus far and by engaging in co-creation activities with partners.higher demand for items such as semiconductors for CASE (connected, autonomous, shared & service, and electric) systems for the automotive industry, 5G base stations and terminals, data centers, cameras and other sensors, and factory automation equipment for producing electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Meanwhile, our SPV business is enjoying a rapid growth in demand for e-Bikes in Europe and the United States as a result of changes in behavioral patterns and rising environ-mental awareness. In Europe, roadside parking lots for cars are being increasingly repurposed as lots for parking bicycles, making it easier to find such sites in cities. This trend is expected to continue going forward. We therefore project a CAGR of 18% in the e-Bike markets of Japan, the United States, and Europe leading up to fiscal 2030. Yamaha Motor will pursue growth in its SPV business that outpaces that of the market by expanding its product lineup, developing high-value-added products, and reinforcing its production systems.7

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