Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

%%00t%t%%—Climate Change Mitigation MeasuresSASB RequirementsItemNumber of vehicles manufacturedNumber of vehicles soldNumber of safety-related defect complaints, percentage investigatedNumber of motorcycles recalled (in Japan)Percentage of active workforce covered under collective bargaining agreementsNumber of work stoppages due to strikes and lockoutsNumber of workers involved in work stoppages, multiplied by number of days idleSales-weighted average passenger fleet fuel economy, by regionNumber of (1) zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) sold,(2) hybrid vehicles (HEVs) sold, and(3) plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) soldStrategy for managing model-year fuel economy and emissions risks and opportunitiesManagement of risks associated with the use of critical materialsWeight of end-of-life products recoveredPercentage of above waste recycledWeight of end-of-life products recoveredPercentage of materials recycled from end-of-life productsRecyclability of productsUnitThousands of vehiclesItemUnitThousands of vehiclesThousands of vehiclesNumberNumberMan-daysAsiakm/LEuropegCO2/kmNorth AmericampgJapankm/LOceaniakm/LCentral and South Americakm/LOtherkm/LNumber2017201820193,5243,5643,5542,5382,8002,901489569* Investigated all complaints that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan had requested to investigateNot applicable• Evaluation of risks and opportunities • Yamaha carbon neutrality strategies https://global.yamaha-motor.com/about/csr/the_environment/plan-2050/• Response to supplier human rights issues• Response to procurement riskshttps://global.yamaha-motor.com/about/csr/stakeholder/business-partners/97.6 (on a weight basis)* FY2022 domestic recycling resultsTarget value: Set at 90%202020213,3633,9932,2453,18464867082120214,3754,490100 39,872614977703626445249,55766.0Number of fuel-injected motorcycles soldSales of low-carbon Number of motorcycles featuring a “BLUE CORE” engine soldproductsNumber of electrically power-assisted bicycles sold (including number of drive units)SASB Index*TR-AU-000.AActivity MetricTR-AU-000.BTR-AU-250a.2Product SafetyTR-AU-250a.3TR-AU-310a.1Labor PracticesTR-AU-310a.2TR-AU-410a.1Fuel Economy & Use Phase EmissionsTR-AU-410a.2TR-AU-410a.3Materials SourcingTR-AU-440a.1TR-AU-440b.1Materials Efficiency & RecyclingTR-AU-440b.2TR-AU-440b.3* A disclosure index for the automotive industry required by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) TR: Transportation; AU: Automobiles81Environmental and Social Data

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