Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

This has helped expedite improvements to the Company’s corporate governance and I feel that what we had hoped for has been achieved much faster than we expected.customers are women and the majority of its customer base lives outside Japan. In today’s world where unprecedented events are occurring one after another, from the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the escalation of climate change issues, I believe securing a diverse workforce and including more people with a variety of opinions and world views in the management team is essential for Yamaha Motor’s sustainable growth. In recent years, the Company has appointed more and more non-Japanese executive officers, and in addition to Kawai-san becoming an outside Audit & Supervisory Board member, our most recently appointed out-side director, Jin Song Montesano, is both non-Japanese and a woman. Hidaka-san has always been welcoming to the opin-ions of outside directors and takes our input very seriously. This has helped expedite improvements to the Company’s corporate governance and I feel that what we had hoped for has been achieved much faster than we expected.Kawai Regarding the promotion of women, Kyoto University, where I serve as a professor, is also struggling to hire women professors due to the small number of women entering engi-neering and other science departments. I think Yamaha Motor and other manufacturing companies in Japan are facing simi-lar problems, but it is important to not simply hire more women, but to have everyone also experience firsthand the positive effects hiring and promoting women brings. Tashiro-san herself is helping propagate those effects through her meetings and interviews with women employees, and I also have high praise for the Company’s efforts in this regard. Of course, I also have a responsibility and role to play, so through my expertise in human resource development, I also want to support and contribute to greater successes for women at Yamaha Motor.Tashiro As you mentioned, I try to spend as much time as I can speaking with the women that work at Yamaha Motor. I hope to be a force for promoting the success of women at the Company by sharing my own experiences with them, and by putting our heads together to examine avenues for helping women excel and for changing mindsets in the workplace, we can better clarify the career direction each woman wants to go in.Kamigama Thank you both very much for your insights. I myself am aware of areas in which I did not put in enough effort as a leader to promote the advancement of women, so I very much look forward to seeing the changes both of you will bring to the Company. To bring things to a close, I would like to share my own thoughts on Yamaha Motor. Amid the globe-spanning shift to electrification in the vehicle industry, I hope that Yamaha Motor will be the first to pioneer technologies fusing the traits of internal combustion engines and electric motors. I feel that this is something that Yamaha Motor is uniquely positioned to accomplish and is a personal dream of mine. To this end, calling on my own experiences in managing a manufacturing company, I want to act as a set of brakes by pointing out anything I am not comfortable with or feel is too risky without hesitation, but also as a throttle to push things forward quickly when I feel the matter is largely settled. Adeptly using both the “throttle” and the “brakes” to accel-erate the Company’s pace of progress, I would very much like to see Yamaha Motor make my dream a reality. And as both of you said, Yamaha Motor’s corporate governance is making sure-footed strides, so let us continue to carry out our respec-tive roles and contribute to fulfilling the corporate mission to be a Kando Creating Company. Thank you very much for your time today.65

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