Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Outside Officer RoundtableWith the new Medium-Term Management Plan, the Company’s response to sustainability was bolstered by including non-financial KPIs along-side financial ones, among other measures. 64Kawai Yamaha Motor also has another unique format for taking in the opinions of outside directors with the CEO round-table conference. When I first attended one, I was honestly shocked to see how the two of you and the other outside directors so directly expressed various opinions from such a broad range of perspectives to Yamaha Motor CEO, Hidaka-san. I think the CEO roundtable serves as an important forum for raising the effectiveness of corporate governance at Yamaha Motor.Kamigama We began the CEO roundtable conference in 2020 to decide whether or not the CEO will be reappointed basedon performance reviews and evaluations. It is a setting in which we confirm management’s execution of business duties and the like by speaking with the CEO in person. I believe the process is quite effective and ensures both objectivity and fairness. We also have a meeting separate from the CEO roundtable in which only outside directors get together to discuss issues and share opinions amongst ourselves. However, in the course of these discussions, questions or concerns many of us shared would arise, ones we wanted to ask and confirm directly with the CEO. So, we decided it would be a good idea to invite Hidaka-san himself and speak with him in person, so now he attends these meetings with us outside directors as well. Thereafter, this has remained our approach for setting the stage for having candid conversations.Tashiro The CEO roundtable conference, meetings for outside directors to share their opinions, and similar forums undoubt-edly play a vital role. We must focus on and limit our com-ments to discussion items at Board meetings, but these other opportunities allow us to speak freely without worrying about the agenda. For example, at one CEO roundtable, I asked the outside directors to share any bad news they had first, which has taken root as a practice. Hidaka-san now reports any bad news at the beginning of every Board meeting. When compli-ance and other issues arise, the more time passes the more difficult it becomes to address them, so by hearing the bad news first, I believe we can minimize the adverse impacts such issues may bring.Kawai I agree completely. Yamaha Motor has a diverse range of businesses in more than 180 locations around the world as well as numerous subsidiaries and joint ventures, so as an auditor, that fact presents difficulties in managing risks. However, the internal audit departments and the Company’s permanent auditors work very hard, calling on well- established networks to gather information and endeavoring to find out bad news as soon as possible. They immediately alert us out-side auditors of the news as well, so that we can fulfill our own roles. I hope that Yamaha Motor will continue to not only maintain but also strengthen these key networks.Kamigama With the new Medium-Term Management Plan, the Company’s response to sustainability was bolstered by includ-ing non-financial KPIs alongside financial ones, among other measures. We outside directors made various proposals during the discussions concerning this, but I believe Tashiro-san’s feedback at the time put a lot of emphasis on the diversity of human resources in particular. Can you share your thoughts on this point?Tashiro Since early on in my tenure and at the CEO roundtable conferences as well, I have been making proposals to bring greater diversity to the Company’s human resources, such as the hiring and promotion of women and non-Japanese employees. The bulk of Yamaha Motor’s business and product portfolio is aimed at general consumers, so half of its

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