Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

From Indonesia to AustraliaPortal site for dealerships with OMDO agreements A New Style of Work in Overseas Market Development Operations The Overseas Market Development Operations (OMDO) business unit celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021. OMDO’s policy is to always have a finger on the pulse of the local people and their issues, and works in over 140 countries and regions throughout Africa and other continents to forge close ties with local commu-nities in order to fulfill its mission to bringing greater happiness and fulfillment to people around the world. With COVID-19 making it more difficult to go into the field, we have begun using digital technologies to communicate with local distributors and provide training on aftersales service. This has Coming to a completely new environment always presents mixed feelings of excitement and uncertainty. As of January 2022, I was assigned from my home country of Indonesia to Yamaha Motor Australia (YMA) as a Senior General Manager of Sales & Marketing. It is a daunting challenge simply from the stark differences between Australia and Indonesia, from the products and dealers to the people and culture. However, there are many opportunities for me to add new value based on my own experience. By introducing the “3S Concept” we implemented in Indonesia, we have upgraded YMA’s own Customer for Life Strategy to connect and make seamless the com-pany’s functions for sales, service, spare parts, accessories, financing, insurance, and cus-tomer training. The customer relationship management (CRM) project we implemented in Indonesia has also helped make YMA’s CRM vision blueprint better match the market, and will get underway with proof-of-concept CRM leads before putting a three-year expansion plan in motion. It is important to act as One Team when facing dealerships and external stakehold-ers. I held many roundtable sessions with my team to establish a good rapport where we can all be humble and enjoy open and effective communication.E-learning system page for mechanic trainingheralded a new style of work for OMDO, a two-pronged approach combining activities on-site and the use of digital technologies. By communicating and conducting training via digital means, OMDO has effectively streamlined its marketing operations and fostered even closer ties with local communities with its grassroots approach. Going forward, OMDO will continue to function as a body dedi-cated to understanding the issues present in the field and working together with local communities to solve them, as well as devel-oping new sources of demand and then contributing to the betterment of society through the resulting business.Hendri WijayaSenior General Manager of Sales & Marketing, Yamaha Motor Australia (YMA)59Message from Management

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