Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Connected ComfortElectric ComfortShared Experiences2015 N MAX / Ocitoproduct Logotype Reference data>>Caution>>This is not a block copy.Example 1: Marine CASE StrategyExample 2: Motorcycle Business Premium Model Segment Strategy (NMAX)OverallIntellectualProperty LandscapeAiding differentiation*SWOT analysis*Helping project technical advancesEngineGrowth Strategy for Marine Products Business: Marine CASE StrategyAutonomous Comfort/easyY-ConnectSMG (Smart Motor Generator)Y-ConnectReliable and rich marine life: Toward further increasing the value of the oceanMarine Long-Term Vision* Created by Yamaha Motor using the Patent Result Co., Ltd. Biz CruncherTrademarkPatentsVariable Valve Actuation installation scheme Intellectual Property Activities Underpinning Business Strategies Our intellectual property departments are actively involved in our business activities from an early stage. By carrying out various forms of intellectual property analysis to visualize growth areas beyond each of our business strategies and making active use of intellectual property mixes—a combination of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual properties—that fit each busi-ness strategy, we create unique value through a multifaceted protection of intellectual properties associated with the TrademarkMarine ICT method (patent-pending)TrademarkVessel sharing system (patent-pending)Design rightsTrademarkTrademarkPatents Comprehensive boat control system TrademarkPatents High-efficiency electric marine propul-sion unitUnit for connecting mobile devices to vehicles (patent-pending)Company’s products and services. If any of the intellectual proper-ties buoying our businesses are violated, we work together with intellectual property authorities and other relevant bodies in the countries involved to take firm action against the violation. Furthermore, the Yamaha brand is trademarked in almost every corner of the world, and various activities are carried out to create value in the intellectual property space in line with our business strategies in each country and region.Design rightsDesign rightsPatentsStarter Generator Control Unit layoutTrademarkTrademark53

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