Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

Applying Technology White Paper Info and Analysis to New Value CreationIntellectual Property ViewpointsKeyword map generated through text mining (example)*eve autoCompetitor ComparisonScore map for patent rights holders (example)*Electric Motors for Hyper-EVsGauging trends among competitorsCase Study 2: Technology White PaperOnce a year, the items listed below are compiled in a technology white paper as a means of confirming the current and future position of the Company. The results from this document are used to review research and development and to create new value.1. Changes in the external business environment: Ascertaining the current situation with regards to business and technological trends and PEST (political, economic, social, and techno-logical) analysis is conducted on fields related to the Company’s business, such as carbon neutrality, in order to ascertain trends.Gauging trends connected to Yamaha MotorYamaha Motor will progressively introduce the E01, an 8.1 kW class electric scooter using a fixed (non-removable) battery design, to Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia for real-world proof-of-concept testing from July 2022. We have set a goal of reducing Scope 3 CO2 emissions by 90% by 2050 compared to 2010, and the E01 is a strategic electric vehicle in order to help achieve this goal.presenting outlooks for the future2. Intellectual property analysis: Multifaceted evaluation of aspects relating to intellectual property, such as intellectual property landscapes, patent positions, and new technological areas3. Comparative analysis of competitors: Tracking trends among other companies in the same industry and ascertaining levels of influence in different industries External EnvironmentE01The eve auto transport service employs electric vehicles and was developed to meet the needs for automated transport. The service has started a full-scale trial operation at Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.’s Anesaki Works plant, the first time it has been deployed outside Yamaha Motor factories. In low-speed automated driving—one of the new businesses in our new Medium-Term Management Plan—we are establishing automated driving technologies for use under specific conditions to continue the commercialization goods transporta-tion and achieve laborsaving in logistics.Trends in patent positioning and technological fields in new business domains and other specific domains are analyzed to ascertain areas of opportunity available to the Company. Gauging opportunity areas based on patent analysis* Created by Yamaha Motor using the Patent Result Co., Ltd. Biz CruncherAnalysis is performed on factors such as business and technological trends at competitors in order to ascertain our present and future strengths and weaknesses relative to other companies.Yamaha Motor is supplying Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI) with electric motor units for the STI E-RA hyper-EV it is developing for future motorsport. Through the adoption of high-efficiency segment conductors, the casting and machining technologies Yamaha Motor has accrued through engine development, and more, these motors achieve high output while retaining compactness.51

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