Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2022

semehTweN rof aerAhcraeS Companywide Technology Strategies to Create Unprecedented Value In addition to enacting long-term measures to achieve goals such as carbon neutrality and the introduction of CASE-compatible models, the Company must also respond to manifesting short-term risks that include raw material shortages and geopolitical incidents. Amidst the precipitous changes that are occurring, it is critical that the Company accurately grasp its position, strategically allocate resources, and conduct research and development both swiftly and flexibly. achieving our Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness,” Yamaha Motor will continue to offer new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world. The Company will accelerate its R&D efforts to solve various societal issues as well as trigger change, and by Business PromotionNew AreasExisting Business Areas50The present day has been described for some time as the era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), and the business environment around us continues to become increasingly complex and difficult, with the seemingly never-ending pandemic, the shortage of semiconductors, and geopolitical issues causing a surge in raw material prices. In such circumstances, we believe that it is important to respond to various issues with flexibility and agility, and to rapidly develop and provide hardware and software that brings new value. This is in line with our Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness.” Yamaha Motor’s three main domains are the Land Mobility, Marine Product, and Robotics businesses. The role of the Technical Research & Development Center—which operates as a hub for technologies Companywide—is to promote growth by linking core technologies from each of these domains and to create technologies and businesses with the aim of developing new business domains. In terms of new businesses, we are identifying and advancing areas that may provide solutions relating to the important societal issues (materiality) we have identified: environment and resources, transportation and industry, and human capital management. incredibly complex, and we must use a combination of various tech-nologies in order to create solutions and value unlike anything before. It is plain for all to see that technological development today is Business DevelopmentGeneral Core Technology AreasCase Study 1: Theme and Resource ManagementTheme and resource management activities are carried out each year to make decisions on promoting and reviewing projects, and management resources for research and development are allocated accordingly. These activities involve an evaluation process based on a “project appeal score.” This is used to evaluate projects based on the added value they may bring to the Company in the future and to assess the level of priority.Business DevelopmentProduct DevelopmentAdvanced DevelopmentDevelopment SupportWe are developing Companywide technology strategies in order to derive optimal solutions from these complex combinations of different technologies. The first step is to analyze and recognize our position in technological fields, ascertaining our strengths and weaknesses. Next, by determining what added value will be needed in the future and back-casting from there, we can envision the necessary constituent technolo-gies, extrapolate areas that require particular focus from the overall map, assign degrees of priority, and allocate management resources accordingly. To implement this, we will supplement our in-house development by collaborating with external parties such as other companies and universities in order to achieve efficient development, extend the applicable scope of technologies, and realize rapid deploy-ment. This methodology is described in more detail later in this sec-tion, together with some case studies.* Item added in fiscal 2022: Additional points awarded to environmental projectsEvaluation Criteria1. Percentage allocated to R&DManagement Resources2. Decision of priority level Evaluation ProcessProject Appeal Score =Value of Theme + Significance for Yamaha Motor Initiatives + Probability of SuccessHeiji MaruyamaSenior Executive Officer and Director Chief General Manager of Technical Research & Development Centereach areawithin areasResearch and Development

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